Periodontal services in summerville, sc

When you need scaling, root planing, or deep cleanings, having a trusted practitioner to turn to can make a difficult situation like gum disease, bone loss, and tooth loss easier to navigate. For many in Summerville, South Carolina, Jeanine Gourdine, DMD, of Smile Center of Knightsville, fills that role. If you or a loved one needs prompt and professional dental care, call the office to see if a same-day visit is possible, and remember that online booking is always an option for less urgent scheduling needs.

Periodontal Q&A

What does the medical term periodontal mean?

Periodontal relates to or affects the structures surrounding and supporting the teeth.

At Smile Center of Knightsville, you can benefit from Dr. Gourdine’s periodontal skills, like scaling, root planing, and deep cleanings.

When would I need periodontal treatment?

You will likely need periodontal treatment if you have:


Receding Gums

Gum recession is caused by improper tooth positioning, hard brushing, or teeth grinding (bruxism). If you have receding gums, Dr. Gourdine can address this to protect you from periodontal disease.


Gum Disease

Experts say that periodontal disease or gum disease usually begins in one section of your mouth. Advanced gum disease usually results in bone and tooth loss. This is an extremely serious stage where the patient must undergo periodontal therapy immediately. 


Dental Implants

If you have advanced gum disease, sections without teeth might also have early stages of bone loss, and you may need bone grafting or dental implants.

Dental implants are the most common reasons to seek periodontal treatment.


Tooth extraction

Many periodontists refer to tooth extraction as tooth removal. Bone grafting is often used to repair bone loss after tooth removal.

Both simple and surgical extractions are provided at Smile Center of Knightsville.

What happens if you have periodontal disease?

Periodontal disease and tooth decay are the two biggest threats to dental health and are primarily seen in adults.In its early stage (gingivitis), gums become red and swollen and might bleed. In its more serious form (periodontitis), gums can pull away from teeth, bone can be lost, and the teeth may loosen or even fall out.

Bacteria in the mouth infect the tissue surrounding the tooth, causing inflammation around the tooth and leading to periodontal disease. When bacteria stay on the teeth long enough, they form a plaque film that eventually hardens to tartar.

Build-up can spread below the gum line, which makes teeth more difficult to clean. Only a dental health professional can remove tartar and stop the periodontal disease process.

When you rely on Smile Center of Knightsville for care, you receive treatment from a provider who already knows your dental health history and has developed a trusting professional relationship with you.

Call to see if a same-day visit is possible. You can also always rely on online booking as an option for less time-sensitive booking needs.