Teeth Extractions

Teeth Extractions

Teeth Extractions services in summerville, sc

Teeth extractions may not be anyone’s favorite treatment, but they are sometimes necessary. Patients who rely on Jeanine Gourdine, DMD, of Smile Center of Knightsville in Summerville, South Carolina, for extractions are often surprised to learn that these treatments are painless and straightforward. If you think a simple or surgical extraction may be in your future, call the office to schedule a visit, or book your appointment online. 

Teeth Extractions Q&A

When are teeth extractions necessary?

Teeth extractions, or having one or more teeth pulled, is a treatment that addresses certain common dental health issues. Some of the reasons why your dentist might recommend teeth extractions include:

  • To remove a badly decayed or damaged tooth that can’t be repaired
  • To reduce crowding
  • In preparation for orthodontic treatment
  • As a result of advanced gum disease
  • As a treatment for tooth luxation
  • In preparation for dentures or a dental bridge

If your tooth is fully or partially trapped beneath your gum tissue (impacted), an extraction might be the best approach. If extraction is needed, your dentist explains all possible treatment options, including what to expect if you decide to forgo treatment.

Both simple and surgical extractions are provided. Emergency dentistry services are also offered.

What should I expect during teeth extractions?

For a simple extraction, an injection of numbing medication is the first step. Once you’re numb, your dentist uses a dental tool called an elevator to gently rock the tooth in a back-and-forth motion, loosening the connection between tooth and bone. 

A device called forceps allows your dentist to grasp the tooth and remove it from the socket. Your dentist may use gauze to protect the site and reduce bleeding. 

If you need surgical extraction, including wisdom tooth removal, you may receive deeper sedation to help you relax during the procedure. Your dentist makes an incision in your gums to access the tooth. 

In some cases, breaking the tooth into smaller pieces is the best way to proceed. Remember, you won’t feel a thing during this process. Some extractions require sutures to close the gum tissue and aid in healing. 

What is the recovery process like after teeth extractions?

Your dentist provides in-depth postprocedure care instruction. Following these guidelines is an important part of successful recovery. 

It’s important to avoid harsh brushing or hard foods while your gum tissue heals. You may need to use a special mouthwash for a few days or take antibiotics to reduce the chance of infection. 

Your body creates a small blood clot at the extraction site. This helps seal the opening into your gums while your tissue heals. Avoid smoking, drinking through straws, or any form of suction that might dislodge this small blood clot. 

To learn more about what to expect during extractions, call the office, or book a visit online in just a matter of moments.